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In the confidence of Les Maranges

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The Estate’s news

Our new Burgundy Crémant shares its first name, its delicacy and its strong character with our daughter!


You are familiar with Burgundy, its climats and its great wines.
But have you come across Marion & Arnaud?
The Grachet-Duchemin Estate takes you into its confidence
and shares all of the Les Maranges secrets:

This small Burgundy terroir concealed by hilly terrain
and lulled by perfect sunshine.

Some well-kept secrets

Our Great
Burgundy Wines

A straw colour with great sparkle

Guide hachette

The whites are generous and gourmet.
The reds are elegant and fruity

Les Buvologues

A perfect aromatic range combining
pear and peach with a slight woodiness

Guide hachette

An estate that delights the taste buds,
to be discovered as soon as possible



The Grachet-Duchemin

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The story of an encounter

Marion is a Les Maranges child.
A winemaker’s daughter, she grew up in the heart of the vineyards and the hills that are so characteristic of this unique territory, the southernmost of the Côte de Beaune. She explored every nook and cranny during her walks and whilst riding Hélios, her horse. The nature of the soils, the exposures and the terrain were studied with passion.

This is the exceptional setting where Marion met Arnaud with whom she enjoyed sharing her love and knowledge of the land. Together, they decided to write their story by becoming winemakers and producing great Les Maranges wines.

The fruit of our union, the Grachet-Duchemin Estate takes you into its confidence and reveals all of the Les Maranges secrets.

Our vineyard is unique

The les Maranges

Located on fractured ground that is cradled by hills with soft colourful slopes, nourished by an abundant river and pleasant sunshine, our vineyard is unique.

Characterised by unusual terrain due to a major geological fault, our vineyards are rooted in jealously sought-after rich clay-limestone soil.

The mineral strength and exposure to the sun are felt all the way through to the wines that we produce, which finally reveal the secret to you.

Visiting the Les Maranges
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Marion and Arnaud
open their doors to us
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Our great wines are exported worldwide,
disseminating the Les Maranges secret to the initiated.


We are seeking new contacts in France and internationally to develop exports and share our story with the world.

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